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A proven track record of successful Integrated Supply Programs


Turner Supply has pioneered the many value-added services which make up what is now commonly known as “Integrated Supply” since the 1980’s. While every industrial wholesale supplier now touts some type of integrated supply program, Turner has a documented history of delivering comprehensive supply-chain solutions to lower the acquisition costs of our customers for over 30 years. Turner Inventory Management Systems (TIMS) provides a flexible framework for developing process-driven methods to help our customers save money by reducing their supplier base, standardizing products, decreasing inventory investment, leveraging emerging technologies, and utilizing our vast resources as technical product experts to improve productivity within the actual customer facility itself.


TIMS programs are not a canned, static, offering but rather a constantly evolving set of solutions that are tailored to meet specific customer needs, based on the unique requirements and exact demands of customers in any industry. A small sampling of the services that Turner offers within its integrated supply programs is below. Most importantly, Turner Supply Company's integrated supply programs have an overall emphasis of reducing the total cost of ownership for all customers, regardless of the program’s scope. Therefore documented cost savings are an important part of any successful program and a focus of TIMS.


We have hundreds of cost savings success stories from a variety of customers in a diverse set of industries and projects of all sizes. The cost savings exceed many millions of dollars and are rising daily. A portfolio of cost savings is available upon request. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the success we have shared with our integrated supply programs and gladly provide references of our customers who have shared in our success. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Our customers are the best testimony that we can provide.


Turner Supply Vending Capabilities

Vending addresses a number of inventory management challenges. Vending virtually eliminates stock-out solutions, it is an excellent way to control and decrease consumption, and have 24/7 access to critical inventory.


Turner Kitting And Assembly Services



Turner Supply delivers customized kitting services that combine the right product selection, assembly services and  shipping expertise to provide  kits and  packages that exceed requirements at the best value. 

Turner Inventory Management Systems


TIMS is a way for Turner to help you create a routine purchasing schedule for your facility. Our friendly staff will inventory and replenish the stock at levels you set on the schedule you create . Use our warehouse for your inventory requirements.

Turner Storeroom Management


Turner Supply Company provides customers across the country with our storeroom solutions. Storeroom management involves one of our highly trained managers and staff operating a customer's storeroom and managing inventory on an agreed upon schedule.

We are a proud member of supplyFORCE which offers sourcing and procurement services for multi-location national account customers and the ability to provide items through GSA .